A 12-year-old boy spends $11,300 on Christmas presents for children he does not know.

A young Minnesota boy has made headlines by reminding people of the importance of having a giving spirit. Jonathan Werner helped the Boy Scouts raise thousands of dollars. He then chose to spend $11,300 of it on Christmas presents for needy children. Jonathan has never met these children, but he wishes to bring joy to others. He lives by unyielding generosity, which is a concept that everyone should strive for.

“He always gets job offers,” Jonathan’s mother boasts. “Which is ironic, because he’s only 12.” Last year, Jonathan was the top seller in his state, raising $46,000. This year, he outperformed himself, raising $56,000 from popcorn sales, making him one of the top three sellers in the country. Jonathan places bags of flavored popcorn and chocolate-covered pretzels on the table. “I just think of it as, for every ‘no’ that I get, you’re one step closer to getting a ‘yes,’” Jonathan says as he neatly sets up his stand.

Whether they respond or even acknowledge Jonathan, he sends good wishes to every passerby, even if they’re out of earshot. We’ve all been to the store and seen those tables set up in front with kids selling merchandise. Typically, the Girl Scouts sell cookies, while the Boy Scouts sell popcorn. The Boy Scouts of America, which was founded over 100 years ago, makes it their mission to instill values in young people. The goal is for them to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lives.

Jonathan Werner, 12, identified with those values. Several children will have a brighter holiday as a result of his generosity and the surprise Christmas gifts he purchased. Jonathan has an entrepreneurial spirit, but his kind heart makes him an even more incredible young man. Jonathan went to Kohl’s and loaded up several large carts with Christmas gifts for children in domestic violence shelters. “My dad was in foster care when he was a kid,” he explained when asked about his motivation.

It didn’t sound like they had a very Merry Christmas.” “There were a lot of days at the end where I was like, ‘Okay, can we go home?’” says his mother. And he said, ‘Nope. “I have to stay; I have to stay,” she says. Jonathan was determined to make a difference, and he has succeeded admirably. Jonathan said that raising the money and shopping for kids’ Christmas presents, “kind of reminds me how many people I will make happy during the holidays and that just makes me happy,” Jonathan says.

The holidays are a time of joy and love. Many people, on the other hand, find the holidays to be a painful reminder of the hardships and losses they have faced throughout the year. For many, Jonathan’s Christmas presents may be the only ones they receive this year. Everything has become more expensive, making the holidays even more difficult. This is especially true for those who are currently housed in shelters. Furthermore, children in domestic violence shelters face additional challenges, such as being separated from a parent or fearing for their safety. Jonathan has chosen a worthy cause, and this holiday season, he will spread joy by giving Christmas presents.