These remarkable quadruplet sisters recently celebrated their first birthday.

Caroline, Darcy, Alexis, and Elisha were all born prematurely, at only 30 weeks. It’s difficult to believe that this miracle has happened to us, but scientists estimate that having four children from a single egg happens only once every 4,000 years. “We were expecting a tiny one, and four were born at the same time — we simply got lucky,” they explain. Justin and Christina met in a pub twelve years ago and married three years later.

They desired children desperately, as do most couples. “I always dreamed of being a mother,” Christina says. Growing up in a small family, I yearned for a large brood of my own.
It was extremely disheartening for us when our premarital fertility efforts proved futile. We both felt left out when our friends began having children, so we decided to try in vitro fertilization. “I was afraid, only had one chance,” as the saying goes.

We were completely taken aback when the scan revealed that we were expecting triplets. Justin sought out the professor to confirm the ultrasound findings. “There are four of them!” he exclaimed after taking a close look at the monitor. “I counted four heartbeats,” Justin pointed out. “I went from having no children to having four in an instant.
Before they had children, Justin worked as a driver and Christina as a nurse.

Justin decided to quit his job and stay at home with the kids because his income would not cover the cost of a babysitter. “From now on, I’ll be changing diapers for the entire crew.” Marriage partners do not receive government assistance. Christina intends to return to work after her maternity leave ends because her salary is higher than her husband’s.
“It makes me so happy that complete strangers want to share in our joy,” Christina said.