Woman Discovered Who Thought She Had the Perfect Marriage Her husband has three additional wives and thirteen children and

The true story of Alison Wilson, as portrayed by her granddaughter Ruth, captivated viewers watching the BBC drama. She thought she had the ideal marriage until she discovered her husband, who claimed to be a “spy,” had other wives. Mary Turner Thompson, 53, felt as if her life was being played out on screen while watching the BBC story. She, too, thought she had the perfect marriage until she discovered that her ‘CIA agent’ husband had another wife and at least 13 children with six different women.

She never expected it to come down to this because William Allen Jordan was a wonderful father to their children. Throughout their 6-year relationship, the man was also a serial liar who had another wife. In 2014, he was sentenced to prison for bigamy. “Watching the series has felt a lot like looking at my own story,” said Miss Turner Thomson. “When I was a single mother with a nine-month-old baby, I met William online. He was very charming, and we exchanged emails…

“We started dating and he asked me to marry him within two weeks of meeting – I said no, but we eventually got engaged and married for four years.” After six months of dating, I became pregnant, which was a huge surprise because he had told me he was infertile because he had mumps as a child. “I was afraid he’d think I’d had an affair because he was so certain he couldn’t have children.”

Jordan managed to dupe his wife into believing he was a CIA agent on secondment to MI5. His time away on missions provided him with the perfect cover for seeing his other women. He even persuaded Miss Turner Thomson to come up with £200,000 to pay ‘blackmailers’ who he claimed threatened to kidnap their children. “In 2004, when I was pregnant with Zach, he told me that someone he met on an undercover operation was going to kill our kids, kidnap them, rip bits off them, and send them to us in the mail unless we gave them money,” she explained.

“By this point, I had been under his control for four years, so I sold everything I owned – my house, my car, my life insurance, everything.” There were no undercover missions or blackmailers, but Mischele Lewis, another wife, contacted her in 2006. “ ‘Are you Mary Turner Thomson?’ she asked. “I agreed.” ‘Are you also Mrs Jordan?’ she inquired. When I said yes, she said, ‘Well, I’m the other Mrs Jordan.’

“We got together in a café and talked for about 12 hours. When she left at six o’clock in the morning, I texted him and dumped him. “I kept talking to him to get more information, but he never changed his story and said time would vindicate him. Everything was nonsense.”