A girl with albinism whose parents abandoned her at an orphanage became a model.

The baby was not born in China, where albinism is still considered a curse. In China, the parents of an albino girl abandoned her at the door of a shelter. According to the BBC, the girl was able to build a successful career as a model due to her unusual appearance. The orphanage staff gave the girl the name Xueli. Because the baby’s parents did not leave any paperwork with him, no one knows for certain how old he is.

Xueli has albinism, which means she has almost no melanin pigment in her skin, hair, or eyes. He can also only see about 10% of what he used to, and bright light hurts his eyes.
When Xueli was about three years old, she was adopted by a new family. Her new parents and she relocated to the Netherlands. The baby’s name was withheld because her adoptive mother believes it is important for the girl to retain some of her Chinese ancestors.

When Xueli was 11, she was able to work as a model for the first time. A short time later, she was presented with an excellent opportunity, which she did not pass up. Xueli is 16 years old, has become a famous model, and her main goal is to help people who are different from the majority: “I want kids with albinism or any other kind of disability to know that they can do whatever they want. People will tell you that you will fail, but you do not have to believe them. You can do anything; all you have to do is try.