A 13-week-old makes his debut as the world’s youngest meteorologist.

Watching the morning news is something that many Americans do to prepare for their days. The weather forecast is one of the most important segments in the morning. For one Milwaukee meteorologist, she was joined by her favorite little meteorologist in training, her daughter Fiona. Fiona is a newborn who is only 13 weeks old.

Fiona does an excellent job of staying in the shot throughout the report. Rebecca, Fiona’s mother, seizes the opportunity to point out that Fiona did not have her hair done and has bedhead from her nap.

The reporting from her own home greenscreen is the actual reality of working from home. It is possible that your child will end up on live television. Seeing the baby on the morning forecast was a pleasant surprise for Milwaukee viewers. Rachel says she’s received numerous phone calls and emails from people who raved about it.

Rebecca excels at making this forecast entertaining. She even mentions that her baby is wrapped in her favorite blanket, ready for the impending cold weather. People have had to get creative as the pandemic has changed how we work. This may sometimes imply including your child in your forecast report, which is completely acceptable.