12-year-old buys $11,300 in Christmas presents for kids he doesn’t know after selling popcorn

Part of being a Boy Scout is having the determination and will to go where most others won’t. Put simply, it’s not for everyone; Scouts are cut from a special kind of cloth.

Anyone doubting the sincerity of that claim need only look as far as 12-year-old Jonathan Werner, a boy with a heart of gold and, from the looks of it, a very bright future in sales, should he choose to pursue it.

According to reports, Jonathan, of Cambridge, Minnesota, managed to raise enough money to buy a whopping $11,300 worth of Christmas presents for kids he doesn’t know this year.

How, you ask? Well, selling popcorn, of course.

As far as salespeople are concerned, they don’t get much more natural-born that Jonathan Werner, a Star Scout in Troop 506.

At just 12 years old, Jonathan is selling boxes of Boy Scout popcorn across eight counties. And he’s doing a rather good job of it.

“He gets job offers all the time,” Jonathan’s mother said. “Which is funny, because he’s 12.”

The popcorn is delivered by pallet to Jonathan’s home. From there, he endeavors to make the magic happen in a big way, employing techniques and tactics to get rid of as many bags of popcorn as possible.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jonathan is the No. 1 cub salesman in Minnesota and top three across the whole of the US.

This year, weeks after he sold his many batches of cookies, he used a share of the the reward money earned to buy Christmas gifts for kids living in a domestic violence shelter.

“He reads what every kid writes and tries to find something he thinks they are specifically going to like,” Jonathan’s mother explained.

One might wonder where Jonathan finds the motivation to apply himself to selling so much popcorn (this year he managed to raise an incredible $56,396, beating last year’s tally by $10,000).

“My dad was in foster care when he was a kid,” Jonathan said. “It didn’t really sound like they had much of a Christmas.”

All told, Jonathan’s aim this year is to buy 600 presents for kids in need. “All these presents, together, are around $11,300,” he said.

“I just want to make kids happy for Christmas and let them know they are loved and appreciated.”

Jonathan really is an inspiring young man. I only wish there more people like him in the world.

What do you think? Doesn’t this Boy Scout deserve some amount of praise and love for doing what he does.

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