A real male dialogue between dad and baby son. It’s impossible not to smile.

What a good morning this couple. I really enjoyed the way my father enjoyed communicating with his son. Not surprisingly, this video has garnered over 10 million views, as it is simply impossible to break it. This is the third time I’ve watched it, this lovely couple makes my day more enjoyable! Thank you very much to them! Baby, let your life be as sweet as a smile. There are absolutely no ugly children in the world. But this is just about a little angel.

Such simple and sincere feelings. It is simply impossible not to touch! It seems to me that this father is just wonderful, he hung us for glory and pleased his son. The son is just very beautiful, he “answers” his father so funny and beautiful. I’m just delighted. Dad is not just a word, it is a very strong and unique status and it needs to be earned. And for that there is no need to do anything unusual and special. You just have to sincerely love your child and wish him or her the best.

I think this dad did a great job, but what do you think? So here we are with little Oliver and his dad. The father is so proud of his son that he does not even want to miss a single second of his life. This morning Dad decided to film and immortalize the moment when Oliver woke up and shared the moment with the whole world. Of course, no one really expected this video to be so popular, but it’s hard to escape! It’s just wonderful.