Officer joins dance team during pep rally and steals the show with his moves

This is so much fun to watch. I’d say he nailed it!

High school was like a mixed bag to most people – there were good parts and there were bad parts. However, most people can agree with the fact that Pep’s gatherings and student dance routine are always funny and entertaining. The reason was not that it was a collection with the best choreography, or that the performance took place at just the right time. What could be the reason? What made it fun were the people who did it.

One of the student groups of Chardon High School was able to stage a rather fun dance, which immediately became widespread and was able to attract the attention of almost all Internet users.

Chardon High School, located in Chardon, Ohio, developed a schedule that many students planned to assemble. In the video, we see a group of students, all in uniform, making their way to the center of the basketball court.

As they reach the center of the court, only one strange thing happens in the middle of the group. Looking closely, we see that one of the fully dressed policemen is dancing with the girls right in the middle of the assembly.