Toddler girl lovingly comforts dog with separation anxiety

A two-year-old girl knows very well how to help her grandmother’s dog during a separation alarm. The amazing baby shows special compassion and care for the grieving dog and tries in every way to comfort them after the grandmother has already left her house.

He sat down next to the dog and said, “Hello, do not be sad.” He gently tried to animate him, and the dog was peacefully with him. The child was at eye level with the dog.

He calmly started talking to the dog and said: “Grandma will be back soon, Lulu.” He continued to chew his head and back, and Lulu was just enjoying his company. The child continued to assure Lulu that her grandmother would definitely return.

Then he took out his secret weapon, asking little Lulu if he wanted a donut. He held the box of donuts so that the dog could see. He held a small donut and ordered Lulu to sit down.

He later tried to help the group with Lulu on his head while he was dog-scrolling. It seems that the dog just enjoys the company of the baby and pays attention all the time.

Dogs can suffer and grieve over separation anxiety when their owners can leave them at any time. This is especially true when the dog is overly attached to its owner. When they are separated from their owners, they become very anxious and may exhibit behaviors such as hoarseness, destruction, or house slippers.

Owners can help dogs by letting their clothes smell like them. They can make their dog feel compassionate and happy when they go out of their way to distract them. Or the owners can just have such a cute little one, visit their house, talk and play with the dog so that he can be very calm! It worked for Lulu.