Loretta Lynn’s greatest hidden gem from 1964, “Wine, Women and Song”

Kentucky’s legendary and acclaimed singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn is undoubtedly one of America’s most popular and talented stars who has her own place in country spinoff, the American voice being heard more easily from generation to generation.

Loretta Lynn, who performed and performed with a career that spanned nearly six decades, is particularly known for playing a major role in making country music what it is today with her original song choices and unique vocal presence.

Beating off a fierce onslaught of awards for her many country hits, one song that undoubtedly helped Loretta Lynn to launch her country music conquest was her blazing single, “Wine, Women and Song.”

Originally written by Betty Sue Perry. Loretta Lynn took that single and put her own unique spin on the idea, which in turn helped catapult the catchy number to #3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

It quickly became Loretta Lynn’s biggest single of that time. “Wine, Women and Songs” slowly helped Loretta become a household name, placing her at the forefront of the burgeoning country music scene.

Before I’m Over You, Wine, Women and Song’s second studio album features a straightforward take on how a husband spends all of his family’s life savings on the aforementioned expenses of the title.

The track’s simple instrumentation and Loretta Lynn’s distinct and unique vocal melodies create a distinctive and memorable experience that is both catchy and enjoyable to repeat over and over again. A wonderful and wonderful summer tune that has shown no signs of being forgotten.