You Won’t Be Able To Keep A Straight Face While Watching This Little Boy “Help” Mom

When a little munchkin tries his hand at creating the weekly grocery list, the resulting scene is just too cute for words. Luckily for his mama, he’s got everything covered, from the “nanas” to the “matoes.”

When Chrystal Logsdon’s youngest son asked to help out with the grocery shopping, she knew she’d better start the camera rolling. Thankfully he came prepared, with a ballpoint pen and stack of paper at the ready to put his mom’s mental list to paper.

As mom rattles off the many things they need to purchase at the store, her little sous chef diligently repeats each item before recording it in his handy-dandy notebook. In fact, he’s so on top of it that he’s already looking ahead to the next item within seconds of writing down the first.

Whether it’s his perfect articulation or his spot-on penmanship, we can’t help but cheer on this budding helper as he tries to lighten his mama’s load. We just hope she brought a backup list.