A curious deer comes out of the woods when talented harpist begins ‘The Sound of Silence’

Recently, artists have been performing in front of live audiences, particularly on social media platforms. However, unfortunately, their houses had become a shooting fortress or a stage. Such a talented harpist and social media sensation Naomi SV recently had an uninvited and unplanned guest during her online lyrical session.

The talented harpist was an expert in his unique creative abilities and thanks to his various online performances, he was able to bring his talent to the audience. The Canadian musician had already managed to perform a number of his attractive compositions in the forest.

At that place there was a magnificent trail of leaves covering the ground, the roads were almost completely torn up.The birds, who in turn added melody to the lyre sessions, were the other creatures that almost always accompanied Naomi.However, his magical melody accidentally attracted a stranger from the forest.

Recently, Noemi started her press conference with the beautiful and beautiful notes of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”. Unfortunately, the singer had no idea that she had joined an adorable creature during her online performance.

At one point, it seemed like something from a fairy tale. Doi was interested in the magical musical fairy tale and wanted to know more about Noemi. The little deer kept wagging their tails like crazy and started getting closer to him.

The way it got a response showed that he felt quite calm and at peace with himself. There was no doubt that Naomi’s peaceful and calm music was responsible for the calm and peaceful state of the innocent wild animal.

However, the calming effect did not last long. The ball suddenly came out in the opposite direction. Finally, when Naomi became aware of the presence of another being, she suddenly stopped playing the lyre.