Emotional moment as blind man sees wife and family for the first time

For a man who has never met a woman and a son in his life, the gift of sight seems almost impossible. However, Jean was surprised when she was offered to do just that.

Gene has a condition called Stargardt, which causes him to lose his sight almost completely at a young age. The center of his vision is very dim. He is only able to look at certain images from time to time.

When he met his wife, Joe, he had never seen her face before, and he could not even imagine what she looked like. He simply collected the small pictures that he could draw in some way, like a puzzle. His son’s face also remained a mystery to him.

After watching a woman in the same situation with her husband during the “Rachel Ray” show, Joe immediately wanted to get in touch with the show. She wanted her husband to have the opportunity to see her and her son as well.

He was invited by that show. Ginny wore a special pair of electronic glasses, which allowed her to see the faces of her loved ones for the first time in her life.

The raw feeling of the whole family is so beautiful and inexplicable. He was simply amazed to see how beautiful his wife was. She could not hold back her tears with joy, knowing that Jean could finally see them.

Gene just received an incredible gift that he will appreciate and remember for a lifetime. He did not allow his disability to affect him in any way, and the pictures of his family will remain in his memory forever.