The goal of the couple is to have the biggest family in the world and they are not going to stop.

There are many families in the world who have had many children, and they are very happy and do not want to stop, because they consider that the child is a gift from God and they are little angels. This young family is a vivid proof of all this. They consider themselves very happy.
This 23-year-old girl already has 11 children and admits that she does not want to stop and wants to have 100 more children.
Christina is a 23-year-old Russian girl. He is married to 56-year-old Galip, and her. His family history has gained a lot of popularity in social networks, mainly due to the large number of children and his intention to have 100 children. The main goal of the couple is to have the biggest family in the world.

They also stated that they don’t mind investing about 2 million dollars to have the children they want, because 8-10 thousand dollars are needed for each child. But the million dollar question is how do you plan to have 100 kids? It is clear that it is impossible for any woman to have a child 100 times, but it is still a big dream for a couple. I currently have eleven children with the newest addition, Olivia, born late last month. I myself had my eldest daughter, Vika, six years ago. Currently, the family lives in the city of Batum.

Thanks to Christina’s statements, Georgia emphasized that it is a great irresponsibility to bring so many children into the world. Let’s remember that not only the economic situation of the world is related to it, but also the health situation. Other people said that if they have the economic power to maintain them, let them have them. “I don’t know how many children we will have, but we definitely don’t plan to stop. We are not ready to talk about the final number. Everything has its moment,” Christina concluded.