Heartbroken widower with 7 kids bursts into tears when a stranger hands him $10,000

Dakota Nelson was left to raise 7 kids after his beloved wife died suddenly last year.

The single dad and grieving widower works 3 part-time jobs to pay the bills. When he saw what a stranger had done for his family, he broke down in tears, totally speechless.

The loss of a loved one is always something very difficult. It can be even more difficult when there are children involved who have lost a parent. This was the case for Dakota Nelson and his 7 children.

The two were doing work in the garage and playing around. Dakota left for a few minutes and came back to his wife, 38-year-old Ream on the ground not breathing. He attempted CPR while one of the kids called for help. Unfortunately, it was too late. After being in a coma for a short time, he eventually passed away.

As a now single parent dad of 7 children, he manages expenses with working 3 jobs and help from the older children.

An unknown person had a gift for the Nelson family and the upcoming holiday season. It was presented to them through a local news channel, East Idaho News. Dakota was dressed in his suit and the kids were all bundled up. Dakota was incredibly thankful and cried upon receiving the present. This came as a huge blessing and included gift cards for shopping and cash to assist in any way needed.

Hopefully, he and the kids, ages 1 to 16 can have a nice holiday together. It will be the first one without their mother and a first for Dakota without his wife.

Pray for strong families who need a little extra love and support this holiday season. What a great reminder to love each other. Amen.