Heartwarming Moment Couple Who Works 70 Hours A Week Wins $200,000

We’ve all thought about what it would be like to win the lottery, but few people actually get to experience this.

Jordan Ross is a 20 year-old man from Perth, Australia whose life just changed forever when he won the lottery! Before his win, Jordan and his fiancé, Jayde Hicks, had been struggling to make ends meet. This all changed when the couple went to the Lucky Charm store in Willetton to check their ticket, and they were stunned to learn that Jordan had won $200,000!

The couple was overwhelmed when they learned that he had won.

“She just cried, he’s been crying — non-stop crying. We both have,” Jordan said of Jayde’s reaction.

While the pair aren’t sure exactly what they’ll do with the money yet, they do know that they will be having the wedding of their dreams! Jordan also wants to help out his mother by buying a new car for her.

Aside from that, the couple plans to be practical with the winnings. Jordan plans to use some of the money to go to college and land himself a better job. Jayde has also had the chance to treat herself by purchasing a brand new vacuum cleaner.

Congratulations to the couple and we hope that their newfound fortune will carry them far in life.