The girl discovers “Santa Claus” in the store. An interesting conversation takes place between them

Meeting the real Santa Claus is probably something that many children dream of. When little Sophie spotted Santa Claus while shopping for Christmas presents, she went straight to the man with the beard and introduced herself.

Three-year-old Sophie Jo Riley was out shopping with her family when she suddenly spotted a man with a big belly, a red shirt and a thick gray beard. According to her older sister, Sophie had been watching for a while for the man she believed to be Santa Claus himself before exclaiming to the family: “Hush! It’s Santa Claus!” Sophie’s father encouraged his daughter to approach the man, Roger Larck, who she thought was Santa Claus.

According to, Roger got down on his knees and started talking to the girl, playing the game and making her think he really was Santa Claus.’ Sophie told Roger that the family had made Christmas cupcakes which she would bake for him if he came to visit, but he was strictly told to take just one cake and share it with his reindeer.

Sophie’s older sister filmed the whole thing and then posted the video on Facebook. There he received over a million views and many comments on how touching it is to see the older man take the time to talk to the 3-year-old. The man who looks like Santa Claus says he is happy to have participated in a little magical moment for the little girl. “I’m glad I was able to contribute something that others could enjoy,” Roger told WSAZ. The conversation I had with the little girl, it melted my heart. Here you can see an interview with the two new friends. A nice story!