Grandma’s dream was to see a penguin. His dream came true at the age of 104

Dreams are different. Since childhood, we have different dreams. Most of us are capable of achieving our dreams, and many of us fail to achieve them. An agency has been created that makes dreams come true, and especially those who cannot make their dreams come true.

Our heroine today he is 104 years old. Bertha Komor told her dream in a letter. It was sent to the organization itself. When the employee read the letter from the 104-year-old grandmother, she was immediately moved and wanted to help.

The 104-year-old grandmother’s dream was to see a penguin and the organization made that little wish come true. The goal was to fulfill her grandmother’s dream. Let’s not forget to mention that 104-year-old Berta Komor lived in a care center for the elderly.

The meeting was organized in a very casual way, when Mrs. Berta sat in the living room with friends who became her family. Penguin was brought to him had an unusual name. He was called Mr. Red Green. Mrs. Berta simply did not expect the long-awaited dream to come true.