A little Korean child started dancing on the street and attracted the attention of passers-by

Children are very open and spontaneous. We can often hear on the street how children express their opinions loudly about people passing by or tell their parents naive stories. Adults can learn a lot from children. They always do what they like and are not shy about the opinions of others. Therefore, at street concerts, you can often see children dancing and singing. The Korean boy touched all the passers-by with his funny dance to the song “Oppa Gangnam Style”. The hit Gangnam Style was released on July 15, 2012 and climbed to the top of the Korean charts. In November of the same year, the video for the song took the first position among the most viewed videos on YouTube. When the song first appeared, only a few fans of the K-pop direction knew about it. But the main feature was the dance, which captivated the audience. This dance began to be danced by everyone without exception. The song was played at birthdays and weddings, discos and various other events. Especially the children who fell in love with this dance and are trying with might and main to copy the movements of the performer. The Korean boy is no exception. He heard the rhythms of his favorite song in the street and began to dance. The parents did not interfere with the boy, and he merrily jumped and waved his arms to the rhythms of the melody. Passers-by gathered around the little dancer and couldn’t help but smile. Children can sometimes be so open and charging positive emotions. Not a single adult would dare to start dancing on the street, and a child would not care. The kid wanted to have fun and nothing worried him. He clearly enjoyed the song and his dancing. He has such a good sense of rhythm and tact that he undoubtedly has a good dance and rhythm ability. Parents should take care of their boy. Maybe when he grows up, he can become a good choreographer or dancer. Well, Paul is just a little kid who loves to dance. The little music lover not only danced, but also repeated the words of the song to himself. Apparently the child really liked the song.