This 9-year-old girl can compete even with a professional tailor. She sews her own clothes

This 9-year-old girl can compete even with a professional tailor. He sews his own clothes. Having a talented child is the greatest blessing and reward for a parent. Usually the only activity for 9 year olds is play and fun.

But there are children whose inclinations are different, and the range of their interests is completely different from the inclinations of their peers. One such child is 9-year-old Kaya Aragon from Colorado, USA. He has a natural talent for style and style and stands out from his peers for his range of interests. You could say that he doesn’t play with his peers or go out of the house, he doesn’t even have a fondness for computers and phones, which is surprising now because the only interest of the modern generation is the telephone.

She was busy designing and sewing clothes all day. As soon as she finds a fabric, she immediately begins to sew. She sewed clothes and bed sets for all her dolls. She also gave looks and designs to the clothes. Her mother helped her do it. Together they glued stones, painted flowers, sewed pockets on clothes.

The ideal first dress I sewed for my mother was a skirt, which made her very happy, I sewed it with so much heart and soul that she could only love it. The little boy soon started to sew more and became famous. Mom gave her daughter a sewing machine for her birthday, which made her even more excited. Her one and innocent childhood dream was to have her own sewing studio. There is no doubt that he will realize his dream thanks to his determination and strong will