It turns out that whales are not indifferent to music. It is possible to make them jump out of the water while playing

Music is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated art forms. Since ancient times, people have been able to hear and listen to music. After all, music is not only the sounds produced by musical instruments, but also natural sounds.

The rustling of the leaves, the lapping of the waves, the chirping of the birds, all this is the music of nature, which one must be able to listen to. Not only humans can enjoy music, but animals too. There are many cases where dogs, cats or parrots sang with their master. Music is a universal language of communication, with the help of which, whether it is an animal or a person, everyone will find mutual understanding.

A young violinist decided to play the violin while traveling at sea. She was very inspired by the beautiful seascapes and started playing. At the first sounds of the music, the whales emerged from the water and began to listen in fascination. It was unusual and beautiful.

The girl did not expect such an audience. The whales seemed to listen to the sounds of the violin and enjoy the melody. During communication with each other, whales use high-frequency sounds. Maybe they found something familiar in the sound of the violin. The girl performed a romantic serenade, and a flock of whales swam around her boat. They fell into the water, then resurfaced.

The whales listened until the end, and it wasn’t until the violinist stopped playing that they swam out to sea. It turns out that whales are very musical animals. They use vocalization to communicate. Marine animals are much more dependent on sound than terrestrial mammals, because in water the other senses do not offer the same efficiency.

And the speed of sound in water, on the contrary, is much higher than on the shore, which is why whales have such a developed ear for music. Moreover, scientists have proven that whales have been singing the same songs for centuries and passing them down from generation to generation. Whale songs have a repeated rhythmic melody that is used to attract a female’s attention. The humpback whale is considered a particularly vocal species.