Teacher Announcing Retirement Gets Surprise Concert Played by Past Music Students

Denise Searfoss had been teaching orchestra at Abington Heights Middle School for 34 years when she revealed at the eighth-grade orchestra’s final concert that she would be retiring at the end of the school year.

However, when she made the announcement, she had no idea what had been planned for her. Word had gotten out about her announcement and students from decades before came together for one final surprise.

At the end of the night, the back door to the auditorium opened wide and standing in the doorway was one of Denise’s former students. He is now also a music teacher who says he was inspired by her.

Denise couldn’t believe it was him, but the surprise was just beginning. He escorted her to the cafeteria and invited the audience to follow. What met them in the cafeteria was a shock to everyone. Inside was a full orchestra of current and returning alumni musicians that Denise had taught.

They were all in formal attire and began a concert just for their teacher.

They had silently set up the concert during the other performance and had been secretly practicing for weeks. This, however, was the first time they had all played together.

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