Incendiary salsa from a 2 year old baby. How cute

Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of videos in which children perform various funny dances. These videos, of course, are funny, cute and funny, but among them there are those that really captivate with their magnificence. We want to show you a unique video of one 2-year-old girl who captivated millions of viewers on the Internet with her unsurpassed salsa. Dance is the conductor of music into the human body. Dancing perfectly

A special kind of art. It would be extremely frivolous to consider dancing only entertainment, a way to have a good time. It is also the most beautiful sport. Not exhausting, not exhausting, but only bringing satisfaction and beneficial effect on health and psyche. Having learned to dance, a person found a silver key to his health. The question arises: Why? Because dancing is a conductor of music in the human body. Very often we see how

The spectators sitting in the hall begin to involuntarily dance and sing along to the artist on stage. And sometimes, having heard rough and harsh music, we want to run away faster, go further, so as not to hear this melody. This confirms that music penetrates the human body without any effort, involuntarily, forcing him to perform reciprocal actions. Dance is emotions transformed into movements that take place in the rhythm of modern life. The emotions of each person can be bright and not very, suppressed or not.