10-Month-Old Baby Meets Mom’s Twin For The First Time And Hilarious Reaction

This infant is trying his level best to figure out who is his real mom! I can imagine what’s going on in his little mind when he sees a stranger that looks exactly like his mom.

The adorable video shows the hilarious reactions of a 10 month old baby when he meets this “Stranger Visitor” for the first time. His eyes got wide when he spots her mom’s twin for the first time and he turns around to see to that another same face exactly the same!! Thank God the two sisters have a little difference in their hair color and the boy has managed the situation very sweetly!

10 month old Felix lives with his mom Christine and his dad, Canadian sergeant Dainius Sileika, in Vilnius Lithuania.His mom has a identical sister name Stephanie who lives in Canada and they came to visit him at his house. This is the first time the baby sees his aunt Stephanie who looks like a carbon copy of his mom. His dad was glad to capture these lovely moments and share with all of us to enjoy! Watch and you’ll love him!