2 000 000 Views. Virtuoso Tango by Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2004, the film “Let’s Dance” was released worldwide, which immediately received rave reviews from viewers and critics. And this is not even strange, because the main roles in it went to Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. And with them, as you know, there are no frankly bad films at all! The story tells about an ordinary lawyer John. He is tired of life, routine, and sincerely wants to change at least something in his life. In the subway, a man accidentally met a charming dance teacher. He decided to learn this art, so Polina agrees to help a new acquaintance. At first, of course, John has nothing.

It didn’t work out, he even wanted to leave classes and forget about his idea. But over time, the lawyer realized that dancing could become a real outlet for him and a way to change his life. He signed up for the championship, however, for his wife it was a real surprise. This story has taught many that you need to go to the end and not give up, once an idea has come to mind. The fact that you need to be sincere with loved ones so that they do not worry about any reason and without it. And that everything will be fine in the end. The main thing is to want and not give up. But most of all in the film “Let’s Dance” I remember the scene where Jennifer

Lopez and Richard Gere danced the tango. Sensual, smooth movements, beautiful music and talented actors – how can such a moment not go down in the history of cinema? Moreover, the main characters dance well in real life. We are sure that this is one of the most beautiful tango dances that could be seen on cinema screens. Jennifer and Richard did everything to make it look as dynamic and beautiful as possible. And what can we say about the work of operators! It seems that all the scenery and light went only for good! You should definitely see this masterpiece – rather turn on the video and enjoy.