9-year-old piano playing whizz-kid wows the judges on America’s Got

An incredible premiere with some great talent, some pretty good repertoire, and some.. not-so-stellar performances. Of course, it all makes me smile! Until now, this.

This young guy from Atlanta had me gasping for breath within the first few seconds of his performance. Adrian Romoff is not only an amazing piano player but also a child prodigy. He’s nine years old. There are nine years old. Anyone want to bet on what grade this 9 year old boy is in? He’s about to enter 10th grade. He’ll go to college before his classmates go to middle school. Adrian says that he has another talent besides playing the piano, which is science. Ah, Adrian Romoff, you’re a guy after my own heart! Who doesn’t love science!?

Adrian Romoff expresses his emotions with music as you can clearly see in the video clip above. My favorite quote from Adrian tonight was when asked by Heidi Klum “Is he too smart” (ignoring so many points), he responded quickly and said, “According to the fact that there are .”