Football player removes helmet to sing national anthem when no one else would

Listen to the voice of the country that led him to where he is in the video below.

He knew that recording a song could not be fair, so he hoisted our flag to present it with honor and the best horse he knew. And it turned out that he is also quite skilled and experienced in it.

Every big and big event always starts with showing respect and love for the flag, including high school football games.

But what if no one sings?

Some events may simply use the recording to keep the show going. But during this high school football game, there was a student who just could not prevent all this from happening.

Jackson Dean Nicholson was an Arundell High School football player in Cambrils, Maryland, and a firm believer in playing the recording of the United States National Anthem.

So he took off his helmet, grabbed his guitar, and stood up to play the Star-Spangled Banner live in front of his school.

And finally he was able to do it. Just listen to the voice of the earth that took him where he’s supposed to be. Watch the video below.