“I Won’t Let You Go”, 3-Year-Old Girl Meets New Born Sister For The First Time

The moment when a 3-year-old girl came face to face for the first time with her new born sibling has been captured on camera and shared thousands of time around the world.

Molly, from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, can be seen cradling her newborn sister Cora in her arms and is so awestruck that she can’t take her eyes off the new baby.

The toddler can be seen patting her the little baby’s head and kissing her many times as mom Heather Conley tells her to ‘Be gentle.’

Molly tells her new sister: ‘You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.’ And then gives the little baby a gentle hug.

The caring toddler then offers Cora a gentle kiss and places her face against the newborn’s cheek before returning her gaze back to the newborn.

Heather watches on from her bed, overcome with emotion as her two children are bonding and can be heard saying: ‘I just got that on video.’

Molly can’t seem to get enough of her new sister saying, ‘She’s so cute!’ before asking: ‘Are we going to take her hat off?’

Heather shared the adorable clip in a social media post saying, ‘Molly meeting her little sister for the first time. ”’You just came out of Mommy’s belly .. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore”.’