A baby didn’t stop kissing the dog’s nose — no one expected the dog to react like this

As parents, it is always important to be careful when your little children are near dogs.

And you have to be extra careful if your baby gets close to the dog, because no matter how much you trust him, you can’t always tell how the dog will react.

But a bad response from a dog you love and cherish in your home is a rare thing because after all he is actually one of the family members.

The baby Quinn, loves the white German shepherd of the family, Larry, and they melt hearts all over the world after being documented doing the sweetest thing in the world.

The dog’s response is too cute!

Quinn is not old enough to talk, so she uses gestures.

Larry is older than Quinn by 9 months, and since she was born he has not left her for a moment.

Shrieking with pleasure

Quinn wants to give back all the love in the world to Larry and she’s kissing him on the nose.

Larry seems to be bored most of the time, but then he gets up and does something that makes Quinn squeal with pleasure.

Fortunately someone was there as a witness to document everything on camera, and now it has become viral.

When you see it, you will understand why.