The funniest Christmas song ever – l couldn’t stop laughing!

Christmas is that time of the year when you spend time with your loved ones and participate in festive activities. You also create new Christmas traditions by baking scrumptious Christmas cookies for a party. But, no matter what you do, one thing makes this special occasion more fun. That would be the funny and entertaining Christmas songs.

Recently one of the entertaining & funny Christmas songs by “The Moron Brothers” had grabbed a lot of attention online. This funny song can quickly become your favorite as the lyrics are hilarious.

The song’s lyrics that the Moron Brothers shared were a Christmas story. It spoke about how Santa visited their house and had the lousiest Christmas as Santa Claus visited their home.

Santa Claus was so tired that he rested on his couch and later woke up and left on his sled. Santa never came to the brother’s house anymore as they were the ones who gave Santa and his reindeer lice.

The hilarious lyrics continued, and in the second stanza, Santa had to shave his hair and beard because of the lice. Even his reindeers had to shave due to the same reason. One of the reindeers, Rudolph, also got very angry.

The brothers moved on to the third stanza, where they said that they wrote a letter to Santa Claus and soon received a phone call from him. Santa was really very forgiving as he decided to drop the presents in the brothers’ yard. But he refused to come into their home.

This funny Christmas song can add humor to your holidays and is a fantastic song for the kids to listen to about what happened to Santa during Christmas. The Moron Brothers played the banjo really well and made it a cute Christmas song.