When This Baby Starts Babbling To Her Husky, She Responds In The Most AMUSING Way!

What do you call someone that imitates someone else? A copycat of course! In this specific situation, it may be more appropriate to call him a copy-dog! This video features an adorable husky doing what many humans like to do: mimic baby talk. As parents we are told that we shouldn’t do it, but it’s just so hard not to! And it seems that this adorable pup definitely enjoys doing it too!

The baby in the video is very talkative. He’s happily babbling for the camera, to the delight of his parents. Before long, the husky decides to join in providing some vocals of his own! This makes the infant even more excited, and the two carry on quite the conversation. It’s too precious to miss!

Their duet goes on for quite some time until the baby decides that he wants to go play with his toys. The husky watches him as he crawls and then begins to bark. It seems like he’s letting the parents know that this tot is on the move! What a good dog! You can see the pup continue to watch the baby as he plays – this husky makes a great dog-nanny!

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