Legends Andy Griffith and Randy Travis sing together on ‘Matlock’

“Matlock” was a popular show starring Andy Griffith. The show greeted guests and celebrities during the episodes. Andy greeted country star Randy Travis for performing a few songs together.

Randy and Andy sit together on an antique sofa in the living room. Randy wears a blue shirt and plays his acoustic guitar. Andy wears a plaid shirt and starts playing the ukulele.

Each star can take a solo singing number, and they gather harmoniously on the song list, performing: “And promise me you will never be, be loved by no one but me.”

“Matlock” was a legal drama series that ran between NBC and ABC from 1986-1995. The show presented itself as a dramatic courtroom scene, which included the character “Ben Matlock” played by the legendary Andy Griffith.

If you had the chance to watch the show in the 80s and 90s, you would definitely remember Matlock’s love for hot dogs and his old Ford Crown Victoria. Andy managed to make that image memorable and impressive in all his gray suit.

Randy Travis spoke about his time filming the “Matlock” episodes. “He (Andy) had a little handmade guitar and I really admired him, especially during our last collaboration. I was fascinated by that guitar, and a few days later he had a guitar there and he came and gave it to me. ”

Guitar Andy Griffith gave the country music star an expensive and memorable range. Randy said. He is sitting at home right now, and I take it and play it quite often. ” The two men valued their time together very much, working together to shoot an iconic TV show.