Tear-jerking moment blind autistic girl sings ‘Stand By Me’

This jam session between busker TenKCliff and a blind, autistic 6-year old will restore your faith in humanity.

When Lacie’s grandmother saw how happy TenKCliff’s performance made her, she had to roll the 6-year-old’s wheelchair over to meet him. Lacie is blind and autistic, so there was no passing up an opportunity to make her smile.

Grimsby busker TenKCliff was more than happy to bend down and play for the girl, who couldn’t contain her excitement. Lacie listened attentively as he played, and even sang along in tune to the music.

TenKCliff reaches out and takes Lacie’s hand, gently placing it upon his guitar. As Lacie starts to strum in time, her entire face lights up. Her beautiful smile tugs on every one of our heartstrings.

Together, they create a perfect melody. Soon, they are singing a duet of ‘Stand by Me’. TenKCliff moves through the chords and Lacie strums the strings, and together they make some beautiful music. This girl has a beautiful voice.

Neither one of them is going to forget this day. Music has a way of bringing people together, and it’s always magical when unexpected connections like this are made!