High-energy Golden Buzzer dance routine shakes you in your seat!

Some of the best dancing you will ever see is on ‘Canada’s Got Talent.’ The judges were amazed by the moves from ‘GRVMNT,’ and they responded with a ‘Golden Buzzer.’

‘GRVMNT’ is based in Vancouver, and their specialty is strong moves with precision. They have incredible chemistry because they have danced together for so long. The dancers have a unique bond of friendship.

Jezabelle, the team leader, describes the dancers as family. She tells the ‘CGT’ fans that she has seen them all grow up. Other dancers commented that they have been together since they were 6 years old.

The dancers don’t have a place to practice very often. They joke that their practice space is called ‘Studio O’, which stands for outside. Many times they are in the rain on concrete working on their moves.

‘GRVMNT’ starts by telling the judges, ‘Hip-hop is more than a side act. Hip-hop can be the main event!’ They go into their routine, dancing to rap music. They are so synchronized and tight that it wows the judges, especially Howie Mandel.

The group wears black shirts and green army pants and does backflips and other coordinated stunts. The ending is coordinated perfectly to a drum solo, and Howie jumps out of his seat, yelling ‘Whoa’ along with the other judges. He says, ‘I really believe what I just saw could win this entire season!

Judge Lilly says, ‘I want you to go all the way!’ before striking the coveted ‘Golden Buzzer.’ The dancers cry, and golden confetti flies through the air as the audience and judges stand to their feet. The future is bright for the dance crew known as ‘GRVMNT.’