Nap or laugh? Happy baby fighting fatigue earns millions of views

Unlike adults, sleeping seems to be a laborious task for kids, and it is something they try to avoid at all costs. A practical example of this phenomenon was captured on film by a loving mom and got viewers worldwide in stitches.

Lisa Jones recorded a video of her adorable baby boy fighting to stay awake in the car. When Lisa recorded the video, she never could’ve imagined that this cute video would reach over 8 million viewers worldwide.

‘He just loves smiling at his Mummy. How can you not fall in love with this little dude?’ Lisa wrote under the description of the video. When you read the comments posted by people from around the world, it seems that everybody agrees with Lisa’s sentiment.

In the video, the charming baby boy seems to be suffering from a bad case of FOMO (The fear of missing out). While sitting in a car in the baby seat, he appears to be fighting emotions of happiness and fatigue.

The baby is seen smiling and giggling with his beautiful piercing blue eyes, complementing his intoxicating smile. Soon after, it becomes clear that fatigue is starting to claim victory over the baby.

After dropping his head to drift off into a well-deserved nap, the baby’s curiosity and desire to enjoy the world fight back. He is seen jumping back to life and sporting a smile and giggles as if nothing happened.

One adoring YouTuber, Sally Weathers, commented online: ‘It’s just the most therapeutic thing to watch when you have a rough day. I love this little boy, and I really hope to see more of him.’

It seems that Sally is not the only person that feels like this when you consider the millions of views that this heart-warming video keeps generating.