Emotional moment as blind man sees wife and family for the first time

For a man who has never seen his wife or son, the gift of sight seems almost impossible. However, Gene received the surprise of a lifetime when he was offered the chance to do just that.

Gene has Stargardt’s disease, which caused him to go virtually blind at a young age. The center of his vision is extremely blurred. He can only catch glimpses of images at a time.

When he met his wife Joy, he had never seen her face. He had simply pieced together the small images he could capture like a puzzle. His son’s face remained a mystery as well.

After watching a woman on the Rachael Ray Show with the same condition as her husband, Joy contacted the show. She wanted her husband to have the opportunity to see.

They were invited on. Gene was fitted with a special pair of electronic glasses that allowed him to see the faces of his loved ones for the first time in life.

The raw emotion from the entire family is so beautiful. He was stunned by how beautiful his wife was. She cried tears of joy, knowing that Gene could finally see them.

Gene received an incredible gift that he will treasure for the rest of his life. He hasn’t let his disability slow him down, and the pictures of his family will be forever in his mind’s eye.