Irish dancers captivated the audience along with incendiary drummers.

Irish dances do not lose their popularity. Year after year, new professionals appear who amaze with their skill and unique incendiary movements. Together with an incredible drumming team, these Irish river dancers have captivated audiences at prestigious competitions. Their performance turned out to be so incendiary that fans of their work wrote words of support and gratitude in the comments. Don’t forget to watch this amazing performance! The team succeeded

Make everything incredibly cool! Many styles (especially salsa, and this is what saved me) have a faint “double chick” right before the “1” count. It raises the musical tonality, due to which the strong beat behind it sounds much heavier. If you find this distinct contrast, it is highly likely that you have found a “1” score. Naturally, this is not 100%. In the selected song, the double chick occurs in various places. Studying music theory will be extremely helpful in developing these skills.

Just like playing musical instruments. If you do not have the opportunity to attend such lessons, listen to a lot, a lot of music and specifically work on the exercises above. Listen to strong beat, weak beat, no beat, acoustic and other musical styles. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you. Set aside time to practice without dancing. looking for a rhythm and stepping at the same time is sometimes much more difficult than being in a calm environment, when all your attention is riveted only to the music.