Toddler’s Raw Emotion at Hearing ‘Moonlight Sonata’ Has All the Feels

Have you ever seen piano players or maybe people who play in an orchestra move their bodies when they are playing? And, I’m not talking about dancing to the rhythm or moving to the beat. I am talking about closing their eyes and moving as if the music was telling them something. 

The very young boy in our video is so overwhelmed with emotion when he is listening to a young girl playing ‘Moonlight Sonata’ on the piano, and it is both heartwrenching and heartwarming to witness. The tears flow freely from his tiny eyes, as he blinks and almost smiles, and almost frowns at the same time.

His emotion is overpowering. Perhaps the music is overpowering to him. Perhaps it just resonates within his tiny, young soul. No matter what it is that evokes the emotion from this boy, it is truly magnificent.

The girl is playing one of Mozart’s classics with such grace, that she manages to touch the little guy’s heart. Watch this video that serves as proof of the power of music.