Mom Can Hardly Believe Her Eyes After Hero Dad Readies 6 Babies For Bed By Himself

Parents don’t necessarily wear capes or masks, but they are some of the bravest superheroes out there. Caring for children while also juggling jobs, relationships, and their own health is no small feat, and we are incredibly impressed by this Super Dad who makes it look so easy.

In this episode of “Super Dad,” our main character faces a challenge unlike any other he’s ever encountered before – dressing 6 squirming children for bed after their baths. Did we mention that three of them are 10-month-old triplets?

To prepare for the showdown, Super Dad first sets out six tiny sets of clothing in rows. Who knows how long they’ll stay that way after the children enter the picture. After the countdown starts, Super Dad leaps into action, clothing one baby after the other with lightning speed.

As each child is garbed in their bedtime jammies, more and more appear to try and defeat Super Dad. But, as he pushes through and clothes the final child, it seems like he might in fact win this legendary duel. Finally, wet hair and all, it appears he’s done it, and the crowd goes wild.