Carrie Underwood’s mother joins her onstage and steals spotlight

Her mom is quite the performer herself. ❤️

Carrie Underwood, as we all know, is a great singer. She can sing anything, any genre, with notes from low to high and beyond, and make that song so much better.

The 39-year-old singer rose to stardom after she won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. That powerful voice is the main reason.

Carrie still stuns audiences during concerts with her fantastic vocals and catchy songs.

The sustained high notes have many wondering how she does it and for how long she can do it.

Underwood responded, “I’m too proud to drop keys. I won’t do it. Maybe the older I get, I’ll write some songs in lower keys so it’ll be easier. I’ve always been pretty good as far as stamina onstage. Being able to work out and stay physically strong is important … So far, it’s worked for me. I’m just blessed at being able to be loud for long periods of time.”

Did she get it from her mama though?

At a concert of hers in Vegas, Carrie decided to introduce her audience to her mom Carole. And together, they sang a part of her upbeat hit “All-American Girl”.

Carole Underwood is a very confident lady!

Underwood says the song is partially autobiographical with her life events taking place in the music video.

Her mother surely knows all these. And yet there she is on stage, singing with her daughter to the cheers of their audience. Carole’s energy radiates from that stage just like Carrie.

On Underwood’s Facebook page, the singer shared her mother’s pivotal words during the time she was undecided in trying for American Idol. Carole told Carrie, ”If you wanna go, I’ll take you”.

So Underwood did try out for the show and ended up winning the competition in 2005. The rest is history.“If you wanna go, I’ll take you.” These might have been the most pivotal words anyone has ever spoken to me,” Underwood wrote on her page. “I was busy talking myself out of trying out for American Idol and my mom said these words…the rest is history. Tonight, I got to sing with her on stage in front of the most incredible crowd in #LasVegas❤️Life sure is amazing! Thanks, Mom, for everything!

And as stunning as Carrie is, it is Carole’s charming presence on stage that breaths new life into the song.

That’s one mother-daughter moment to be remembered. Not just by Carrie and Carole, but by everyone else in attendance that night. After all, moms are the best.