93-year-old granny sings old song straight from the heart while son plays guitar…

I felt like I could feel every high and low of her life as she sang the song. This beautiful version of “One Day” by 93-year-old Memphis resident Nita Talley makes it clear that this grandmother instilled a love of music in her offspring.

He still carries that love to himself. According to the video, two family members joined him and played guitar on a day of gospel hymns written by Marjoren Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson.

The title of the song is apt as it highlights the path of life and faith. While the younger generation is often less religious, as our parents and grandparents get older, religion can take on an especially important role in their lives.

Some people’s lives are driven by their beliefs. Even for the non-religious, singing this grandma with the family is enough to make us all cry.