The 68-year-old woman sang an old hit and the judges jumped out of their seats!!!

She appeared on the show Britain’s Got Talent and surprised the judges of the musical. For her performance, the 68-year-old woman chose the song “Highway To Hell” by the legendary AC/DC group. It should be noted that with her performance, the grandmother literally managed to blow up the Internet. In short, Jenny is personally familiar with rock music. The British woman started practicing vocals at the age of 12. He was raised on the songs of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Jeff Lynne. By designation – applied genres

Academic and pop music. According to the content, lyrical, epic, dramatic, as well as march and dance genres are distinguished. According to the place of performance: genres of theater and concert performance, cinema, etc. Music genres are constantly updated and developed. Thus, music is an art where reality is reflected through sound artistic images. It is primarily aimed at the emotional and sensory sphere of a person. Vocal art is the oldest performance of music. This is the art of transmission

The artistic content of musical creation through the singing voice. Through words and intonation, the voice is given emotional expressiveness. According to the number of performers, the song is divided into soloist, ensemble – duet, trio, quartet, quintet and chorus. They sing with and without instrumental accompaniment, with and without lyrics (vocalization). According to the method of performance, singing can be popular, academic, pop. According to timbre and height, female singing is soprano, mezzo-soprano, male singing is tenor, baritone, bass.