Dad starts to play Guitar for Twins and their reaction is just amazing!!!

These little twins start dancing when their dad plays his guitar composition called “My Paradise” which he wrote just for his girls. These girls are the same kids who took the internet by storm in 2012 for dancing on their high chairs to dad’s guitar playing.

The super cute moment of two 19-month-old identical twins dancing was posted by YouTube user Brovadere, who wrote:

It’s just amazing how they create their dance moves. The song I play is original, which I created just for them :)”.
According to his youtube channel, the father of these adorable twin girls is an independent artist who enjoys writing, producing and mixing music.

With matching outfits, matching hairstyles and of course, a love of music, the twins turn the lounge with their fireplace into a dance floor.

The video was posted almost seven years ago, which means the twins are elementary school kids, but we like to think they’re still jamming and hopping when their dad pulls out his guitar and starts playing.