Grandma is shocked!!! This baby already sings with all his heart…

This baby is already singing his heart out! The internet is full of adorable baby videos, many of which go viral. As this grandmother sings to her newborn granddaughter, who tries to answer in the sweetest way. The expression on the little child’s face speaks for itself, he already loves his grandmother so much. This grandma sings “I’m in the Mood for Love” to her newborn granddaughter and she tries to sing it back.

Research shows that singing to your baby is good for him. It helps with cognitive development and creates a bond between the child and his loved ones. In this video, Grandma sings Julia London “I’m In The Mood For Love” and gets the sweetest reaction from her little granddaughter. At first, the child eagerly waits for the grandmother to sing.

When the grandmother begins to sing, the child’s face immediately lights up with joy, and she begins to sing to him again. The newborn quickly responds to the grandmother’s voice, showing everyone that he can already sing too. Her mellow voice begins to steal hearts around the world and soon she is singing with a baby babble.