Baby eats chocolate for the first time… He seems to like it a lot!!!

Almost all children love chocolate and all natural. It’s sweet, and it’s delicious, and there’s almost nothing not to love about it. This stems from health concerns and allergies that can be caused by chocolate. Although children will enjoy the taste of chocolate, it is best to refrain from giving it to them as it contains small amounts of caffeine. Although not present in sufficient amounts to affect an adult, it may be more than sufficient for infants. Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Chocolate also contains other stimulants such as sugar, theobromine, and phenylethylamine, all of which can have a stimulating effect on your baby’s nervous system. Moreover, chocolate also contains anandamide, which can affect brain function if consumed in large quantities.

If you are not sure what age children can eat chocolate, here is your answer. It’s best to wait until your baby is at least a year old before introducing him to chocolate. When you decide to give your child chocolate, make sure there are no potential allergens that could cause reactions. It’s also best to start with dark chocolate. While there are no specific guidelines on how to introduce chocolate to your little one, it’s best to try it after they’re a year old. If he has no negative reaction to it, you can gradually increase the amount.