Cuteness Overload… Autistic Boy perfectly performs Michael Jackson’s Hit And judges bring him to tears…

There are many different types of acts on TV talent shows. Some of them leave the studio audience and TV viewers speechless. Such was the case with a 10-year-old boy named Callum Courtney from Essex, UK. He is a young boy with autism. Calum struggles to make friends as well as socialize with people.

The music he sings has given him a special connection with the audience watching him. It was during Britain’s Got Talent that Callum had the opportunity to give the show’s judges as well as the audience the performance of a lifetime.

Callum’s mum tells People how autism hasn’t been easy for her son. He’s showing people how he thinks it’s given him the superpower to develop musical skills, as reported here by The Sun. He explains that if anyone watches Calum’s audition, they’ll understand why. He doesn’t seem nervous if there’s an audience watching him sing. There could be 1 to 100 people watching him and it wouldn’t bother him. He just likes to sing.