This is adorably awesome!!! Meteorologist Rebecca goes Viral as she reports the weather with 13-Week-Old baby…

Thirteen-week-old Fiona might just be the youngest and cutest weather forecaster on TV today. His mother, Rebecca Schuldt, gave a weather update with the baby by her side.

This pandemic has made parents creative and flexible while caring for their children and working at the same time. Rebecca records weather updates from the basement of her house with a green screen on her wall. He said. “This is real life, folks.”

It may not be the most ideal location, but working from home has become possible for this mom. Fiona was not scheduled to join him on the broadcast. But during a mic check, as she held her baby, Nick, her producer, asked if Fiona would be performing. Rebecca happily obliged.

Her reporting period got even funnier when she made a remark about her “baby bed head.” This meteorologist quipped. “And you’ll just have to excuse the head of his bed. He just woke up.”