Hamilton couple turns 100 while celebrating 79 years of marriage and share their secret…

An Ohio couple just celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary and are both turning 100. Talk about many wonderful events to celebrate together.
Hubert and June Mallicot were both born in July 1922. June was born on July 13th and Hubert was born on July 23rd. They both grew up in rural Kentucky, but didn’t meet each other until they moved to Ohio to find work.

The two lovers met in church and began their friendship. But when their friendship turned into love, they decided to get married and in 1943. They became husband and wife on June 8. Shortly after, they were forced to separate for two years during World War II, when Hubert served with the Navy in Hawaii.

When Hubert returned from the war, the couple created a beautiful life together in Hamilton, Ohio, and had three children.

Hubert and June are celebrating their 100th birthday this year with a backyard party and church service. And their strong faith and love has been the foundation of their 79 years together.