Fertility Clinic surprise couple with the long awaited pregnancy news in an awesome way…

Baby blues turned to expectant parents’ tears of joy when staff at a California fertility clinic shared the happy news of their pregnancy.
The heartwarming footage has gone viral after it racked up almost 5 million views, showing staff celebrating the happy couple’s news of a successful IVF pregnancy.

Dr. Lawrence Werlin of Coastal Fertility Medical Center in Irvine, California, picked up the phone to personally call the couple, Nima and Carly, in the video.

Dr. Verlin asked Nima. “Where’s your girl?” before excitedly saying.

With Carly on the other end of the call, Dr. Werlin raised the phone across the room and counted down three seconds using his fingers to his staff. Everyone in the room shouted. “YOU’RE PREGNANT?”

The crew can be seen shouting and screaming in a video filmed by one of them and shared on TikTok on March 31. It has garnered nearly five million views.