So amazing. Mind blowing marching band perform a different high energy routine!!!

It’s always fun to see an innovative marching band perform. The movements and formations created by the talented group have become a spectacle for audiences everywhere.

However, this group of 15 to 20 trombonists knows how to handle their instruments. The drum line begins to sound frantic. The trombones roll up and you know right away something is about to go down.

They do this in quick iterations while changing the timing of the “puzzle” mode. The name “Headsplitter” comes from the fact that one wrong move will result in an instant trombone slide to the face. The accuracy is incredible.

The changes of time and the complexity of everyday life are mesmerizing. The whole time you’re watching, you’re wondering if someone’s going to get hit. Somehow, Liberty High School’s trombone section perfectly pulls off this incredible trick to the delight of the crowd.